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"Light and Energy throughout History"

The Italian Group for the History of Solar Energy (GSES) is planning a series of events during 2015 for "The Year of Light" in order to broaden the culture of solar energy via the history of the use of the Sun's light and energy by all human civilizations, with particular reference to the Mediterranean basin.

The 2015 program includes events at universities, schools, museums, research centers and cultural and environmental associations.

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Poster exhibitions (two examples)

History, art, science and technology
The exhibition's aim is to stimulate reflection, by combining the knowledge of various disciplines, on the role of renewable solar energy in past civilizations and what it holds for the future.

The exhibition highlights the work of solar energy pioneers through the ages, in particular Italian pioneers of the past 200 years.

Videos screenings (two examples)

GIOVANNI FRANCIA (1911-1980) and his contribution to the idea of a "Solar City"
20 minute-film about Francia's visionary project that he developed with his collaborators  in 1970 for a model energy-independent city, with a population of about 100,000, that would rely on solar energy.

POWER OF THE SUN (English with Italian subtitles )
This 56 minute-film by Nobel Laureates Walter Kohn and Alan Heeger tells the story of how the ideas and the technology to tap the sun's rays as a source of clean, safe, and renewable energy were first developed.

GSES is available to provide material for exhibitions and screenings as well as organize seminars and conferences throughout the year. For more information:

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Pionieri dell'energia solare in primo piano:
» G. Ciamician
» G. Francia
» G. Vinaccia

Video della mostra
"Le città solari"
al Festival della
Scienza 2006

Gruppo per la storia dell'energia solare

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